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Welcome to the Electronic Materials & Device Laboratory (EMDL) at The Ohio State University

The Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory (EMDL) at Ohio State is located in the Department of Electrical Engineering and is directed by Professor Steven A. Ringel.

The EMDL is comprised of several major laboratories cohesively positioned to perform research at the leading edge of advances in electronic materials, nanostructures, and devices for applications in optoelectronics, photovoltaics, electronics, and integrated systems. The interdisciplinary philosophy of research within EMDL incorporates the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Physics and Materials Science within its research programs, leading toward exciting research opportunities.

The background of students and senior researchers within EMDL reflect this breadth and EMDL actively recruits students from these diverse backgrounds. As a result, the EMDL is vertically integrated in its activities, spanning from basic to applied research. As the EMDL director, I invite you to peruse the pages that follow, which are intended to provide a glimpse of the people, activities and facilities that comprise EMDL.

For more information about activities and opportunities, please contact the EMDL Program Manager, Ms. Jill R. Mobley, at mobleyj@ece.osu.edu.

International Space Station:
Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment: MISSE-5
Ohio State/MIT Integration Technology with GaAs/Si


Electronic and Material Devices at The Ohio State University
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